All kinds of troubles


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All kinds of troubles and happiness in the world are due to the seven emotions and six desires. What is the interpretation of the seven emotions and the six desires of Buddhism and the ancient medical world, the seven emotions are joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, evil, desire; six desires are eyes, ears, nose , tongue, body, meaning. That is to say, people who are in the heart of the water are also in love, and life and the world are surrounded by love, such as family, love, patriotism, lust and so on. The most affectionate person in this life is the love, the most fascinating is the lustful feelings, and the strong patriotism is the saint Super Cheap Cigarette. We are ordinary people, patriotism may be lighter, and the small people may see more kindness Cigarette Cartons Wholesale. The most terrible thing in this life is to change the lust of love to the life. Yin Yu Wang has no choice but to see the maiden maiden temple and put up a poem. The distant mountains are flying in the green color, and the swaying dance sleeves reflect the Xia Sang. The pear flowers are fascinating, and the scorpion medicine cages are used for eyebrow makeup, but the enchanting can move and retrieve the long servant king Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa. "It shows how faint and lustful it is. Leaded to the demise of the Shang Dynasty. As normal men and women, we can't have no lustful heart. When a man sees a long, beautiful woman, he will express his hormones and accelerate the secretion. The woman who sees the handsome man is also the same feeling. Lustfulness is just a moment of excitement for ordinary people, but it will be put into action for those who have the right to have money and no morality. How much money is entitled is because the heart of lust comes into the embarrassment, and the family is broken. When these people put on the bracelet, they said that it was strange that the original person pulled him into the water. Never reflect on your own mistakes. None of us can guarantee that we have not made a mistake from our hearts. The only thing we can do in life is to keep the moral bottom line and keep ourselves from going to the abyss. Tang Zhen can be described as a generation of sorghum, he also has the heart of lust, all kinds of female monsters on the road along the way like flowers like jade, all of them are heart-warming, he is also a beautiful man. The Pig Eight Rings showed an ordinary role, and Don Juan did not think about the idea of ??getting married. If you are not interested, you can read "Journey to the West" carefully, and slowly realize that Tang Yan knows deeply that even if his mind is derailed at any time Buy Newport Online, he can't get married. He knows that this is the ideology and morality that the leader is assessing. He controlled his own lust and controlled his position. A generation of sorghum can't break the seven emotions and six desires, let alone our ordinary people. We only have to control our own desires in front of this temptation, especially when we have the right to have money Free Newport Carton, we must always be awake, hold the bottom line and exercise of life, and get good end.