Conductive Fabric Cloth Tape Made in China


Product name:conductive cloth tape
Descriptions:Conductive cloth tape is also a tape made of conductive cloth. Its characteristic is that the "glue" property is added on the basis of the conductive cloth. Its important characteristic can be referred to as a conductive cloth. The "glue" that is desired in the general industry is a conductive adhesive, that is, it has a "nickel" component, in order to play a magnetic shielding effect. However, there is also no need for conductive adhesive but only ordinary acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive. The purpose is to make the conductive cloth have good adhesiveness.
Product features: Good electrical conductivity and shielding effect.Good anti-friction performance, anti-friction number up to 5,000,000 times (NF35B050, ASTM D 4966). Good metal bonding and Z-conductivity. Good processing (NF35B050) : Soft texture, no cut edges, anti-handprint dirt, anti-oxidation.
Product Applications:Conductive cloth tape is suitable for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables and other types of electronic and electrical products. It is mainly used for shielding or isolating electromagnetic waves or the interference of infinity waves during high-frequency transmission.Conductive Fabric Cloth Tape Made in China

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