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I recently read an inspirational book called White Bird. It tells the story of a junior high school student who grew up in classmates and grew up in the teacher's incomprehension and overcomes all odds Newport Cartons Sold In Kentucky.u Guanghui is a very good junior high school student. The teachers like him very much. Therefore, he became a good student in the province. However, when he learned the news the next day, he came to the school and found that his classmates gradually alienated him. The squad leader was satirizing him. However, he found shortcomings from his classmates' opinions, such as never attending class activities and failing in sports performance Buy Us Marlboro Online. He was very lost, so he made up his mind to improve and develop all aspects of quality order to make his name justifiable, he was given the title of "three good students in the province". Liu Guanghui did not hesitate to give up the time of the afternoon self-study class Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band. He came to the physical education teacher's office and borrowed a pair of dumbbells to practice on the playground. In the end, he was still discovered by the teacher. The teacher educated him a meal, Liu Guanghui was very wronged, but he continued to persist. When his grades fluctuated, when he was withdrawn from the intensive class, his heart was not a taste.ter, he inadvertently heard the dialogue of his parents, only to understand that it was the father who used his own director of the Education Bureau to help the principal's son, and then let the principal leave Liu Guanghui to the provincial three good students. Soon after, Liu Guanghui��s mother told him that his father was imprisoned because he was suspected of embezzling public funds Newport Soft Pack Carton. Their mother and son couldn't help but live in the old house on the outskirts of the city, but Liu Guanghui did not give up. After facing the misunderstanding of the teacher, the ridicule of the classmates and the betrayal of the buddies, he gradually matured. The industry called the two best. A friend, his buddy Chen Beiguang gradually resolved his misunderstanding with him and once again became Liu Guanghui in this book is a child who is good at discovering his own mistakes and shortcomings. He actively corrects mistakes and, with the help of his desk, has become a true three good student. After this storm Best Online Cigarettes Newport, he walked all the way, unyielding, and ink about us again, our life is so happy, not like Liu Guanghui's many twists and turns, now the good students are only working hard in the "intelligence" of "the moral, intellectual, and artistic", others rarely do it. It doesn't care much about it at all. The reputation of Sanhao students is always reasonable for our good students, because we always think that as long as the grades are good, the premise of the three good students is the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, and artistic, but several people are really doing. Arrived. We should learn from Liu Guanghui, be good at discovering its own shortcomings and correct it, so that comprehensive development is the real three good students!