In the village, a


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In the village, a veteran wife of a 90-year-old husband has stopped several cars in their doorsteps these days. I heard that one of the old people is going to die, and the doctor said that the sentence can only live for a week at most. Celebrities such as Jobs and Xu Yuanchong have been similarly expressed by doctors, but they continue to live more and more, I hope that this old man can be so lucky, sincerely praying for more years of experience, it seems that I am not Mature me Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes, I have a more open-minded attitude to face these life and death Super Cheap Cigarette. Thinking, how simple is the death! When my eyes are closed, I will not open my way, so I will resign after the death of the world. I don��t have to drink Mengpo soup. I don��t have to go through six reincarnations. In this way, I sang "Always quiet," and should also Not bad. If I have this experience that I have been told by doctors at this time, then I must continue to work hard, and I have to keep up with the pen, and I have to write a book, or write a book. The content of regrets that I missed in my life, anyway, just write it! No matter whether it is scribbled or not, whether it will be seen by the people who want to see it, anyway, it should be satisfied with the last day of March and the weekend, outside the window. The spring rain leaps and drains, and in three days it is the Ching Ming Festival. The rain sounded like a sorrowful piano piece, and the rain fell on the ground, just like knocking on my heart, it was such a cold. The sound of this day, in this quiet morning, is particularly sad. This serene and quiet, washing the soul's feelings and warmth, calling for a trace of grief in the depths of the soul. Let the tears fill the rain, let the thoughts also sway this rain. This year is a decade of jealousy for his father and his world Newport Coupons For Cartons. A miss, a few injuries. Qingming dreams, elegant feelings. The memories of childhood are emerging in my mind. The source of knowledge in that era was very limited. The father is his idol who worshipped before junior high school. "Three birds in the tree, one shot left, and a few left?" The sharp turn problem, so far I will occasionally adapt to tease my little son. "An apple, how can it be eaten by everyone in the village of thousands?" Seeing how boring it is from today's point of view. It can never be forgotten, stay in the deepest part of memory, because this is what my father taught me. I changed my father to be a father, and often wanted to be the object of son worship, but when the eldest son went to the third grade of elementary school, he began to correct and said: "Dad, you are not right, don't believe you check the Internet Free Newport Carton." Every time I encounter this kind of embarrassment, my heart is missing my father. Qingming is approaching, the tomb of the sacrifice, a few days ago, the family leader brought the Mavericks back to their hometown to worship their parents. The photos from the scene made me mourn the tears like the sea, and I was filled with emotion. I envy those who are on the road to sweep the grave at this moment Marlboro Wholesale Price, and enjoy the taste of the soul. And I can't, I have to live in a hometown thousands of miles away, igniting a candle in my heart, haunting Xiaochun's sorrowful feelings, pinning the mourning of the Qingming Festival, leaving a spring to pay homage to the parents of the Kingdom of Heaven, and wish you all well!